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Second-Hand Smoking

Scientifically-speaking, second-hand smoking is as deadly as first-hand smoking. A friend and I had a discussion on this and afterwards it got me thinking, aren’t we all second-hand smokers? Literally and figuratively.


Think about the vehicle emissions, the industrial burning of fossil fuels, the emission from generators, the woods and wildfires, and ask yourself, “How much second-hand smoke are we consuming daily?”

And it’s like we all slowly dying from the air we breathe and so many people are quick to give their audacious opinions on smoking but never mention how second-hand smoking is really as bad as regular smoking.

second-hand smoking

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When I wrote, it’s a pipe that’s a lot bigger, I was referring to the problems that are bigger than a damaged lung or self-induced lung cancer. I was referring to problems like the inflation and how there’s a lot of talk on the news but we face the incessant evils day by day in a burning country. I mean evils like national hunger, national debt, increase in taxes, air pollution and a pandemic but we all smile and go about our daily routine just to put food on the table and live to see a better day.

“..I’m high on the hustler’s creed, God help my soul, I recite again..” This line helps me paint that picture appropriately depicting how we choose to be affected by the problems around us. We all have something to deal with but we choose to focus our energy on ways to solve these problems and not the host of things that we deal with, and at some point it gets overwhelming ( thus, the ‘I’m high’ ), so much that we lose our peace of mind and pray ( thus, the ‘God help my soul’ )

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At this point, I feel it would be unfair to you if I do not reveal the poem, so:


I smoke but there's no cigar,
I'm speaking of a pipe that's a lot bigger,
I roll but not weed,
I'm high on the hustler's creed,
"God help my soul", I recite again,
There's fire all around me, as I count to three,
For an amen to my prayers again,
I smoke the fumes of a burning country.


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