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I Told Him About The Corona Virus and Pandemic

Hey, I’m about to share with you my experience in relation to the corona virus and the pandemic.

I can’t wait to read your own experience on the corona virus and the pandemic.

It has been months since the pandemic hit my country. The day it happened was just like every other day, I had just taken my bath after I was done with my morning exercises, preparing and dressing up for the day. Then, I got a call from my ever loving mother, She talked about the corona virus and the intensity of the situation the country had fallen into and the preventive and safety measures required to survive it all.

She ended the call after a stern warning that I should be back home within the week and a prayer for safety on my way home and for the period of time I needed to prepare for the journey.

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I have been planning to post this for a long while now, but I couldn’t.

The thing is, the feelings, emotions and the understanding I wanted to convey with this post wouldn’t have been fully conveyed with words alone. One crucial element to this process was a photo. So I had to meet up with my photographer ( Check out his I.G. ) and it took a while, a couple of months actually before we were allowed to move about freely in my state.

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Eventually, WE scheduled a date for the shoot, and it was an amazing day for me, I mean, when you are working with Trendz_Photography, be rest assured it is going to be great day.

So here’s the photo:

the corona virus and pandemic

REAL QUICK: Tell me what your impression on this photo is in the comments section. 

If you are getting like a sad vibe, yeah you’re right, but that’s not all I want you to see this photo as. One more sad photo on the internet? NO!

I will leave this thought with you, “What more could this photo mean?”

And, I know you’ve waited long for this, YES! Here’s the poem, kindly indulge your senses :

I told him,
That it wasn’t what he thought,
I told him about the gloom,
the pain, the fires, and the virus,
He listened silently, 
I guess it was hard to believe,
He hung up,
He was me.


Now READ IT AGAIN with that photo in mind and explore a new imagination.

Don’t forget to show some love, through your powerful and very cherished and loving comments. Honestly, your comments are important, let us connect through the comments section. Remember that thought I left with you, yeah right now would be an amazing time to tell me in the comments section, what more you feel the photo could mean

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