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Not Your Regular Day

Not your regular day has probably got you thinking?

Well, I am not about to start a long tale of how the day was spent or even write anything about the day because this isn’t about the day, it is rather about what makes this day quite, “not regular”. You know, that one factor that causes a paradigm shift in your mentality or gives rise to new emotions about already experienced phenomenon or newly experienced phenomenon.

Since my last post, I have experienced moments that shift a day to a not-so-regular day and personally, I feel each and everyone of us have such moments in our lives, every day and it is left for us to make exceptional meaning out of these moments or not. Moments like: a beam of sunset striking your eyes, seeing a baby’s eyes sparkle, noticing green leaves glitter after rainfall and much more (FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR OWN MOMENTS OR THOUGHTS WITH ME IN THE COMMENT SECTION).

Today, I’d like everyone to meet ‘She’. She has an experience to share with us, one that can leave us pondering and ever willing to relate and connect with. She titles this piece, ‘EVER SINCE’, a title that connects with perspectives that have emanated ever since,

ever sinceKindly indulge your senses into this amazing piece:


On a Wednesday,

Not your regular day,

Quite paranormal to say,

She fell in love,

with an idea of love,

and she never really knew love,

ever since.


I trust your heartbeat was and is in sync with the imaginations of Ever Since. Don’t be eager to leave, read the piece once more and explore a new imagination.

Don’t forget to show some love, through your powerful and very cherished and loving comments. Honestly, your comments are important, let us connect through the comments section.

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