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Dilli’s The Radio

The “Radio”..

we are all familiar with is the technology of signaling and communicating using radio waves. You know with the antennas, the radiothe knobs and the ever familiar and unforgettable radio noise( tchsssh, tchssshh, tchsssshh).

the radio

You should be familiar with it. If not, kindly signify in the comment section.

It has been a while since my last post and today, let me introduce you to an amazing writer, by name Dilli, with an amazing piece which he titled, “The Radio.” It is such a unique title, indeed, I got inquisitive, I had to ask why such a title?, and in his own words,


“..Well, when I was in JSS3, I moved to the ‘upper-class’ area of where I lived in Surulere. Not that the place I was staying was ghetto, I just moved to a bigger house. In my previous home, we had windows with no barriers or nets so there was always breeze, morning and night we enjoyed it. And when the sun was bright, it was bright. We stayed top floor, we had a lot of radios and at some point because our TV started having issues and some Saturdays were sunnier than the other and more intense than others, the radio kept me company at night, in the morning, and when I come back from school. The songs that were played followed me through my teenage years and made it better.”

I was literally heart-warmed by his story and at this point it would be cruel for me to withhold your eyes from beholding such an amazing piece.

Seriously, prepare to be amazed, Indulge your senses into this amazing piece:

I hardly write but since last week I have been working on a piece. So here it is.

Things were so much simpler as a child.

We only bothered about why the moon followed us or

Why the trees moved faster than us when we were in cars and if monsters really existed.

We were ruled by our imagination.

“Ignorance is bliss”, we all agreed to this, being a child that grew up in a home were we had radios before TVs, I would come home, turn on the radio and tune in to 96.9; Cool FM and listen endlessly.

The Saturdays were the best with the fresh wind of a hot afternoon and the smell of jellof rice from your neighbor’s party.

But we grow and we begin to notice the little things and ask questions such as,

Why is he fairer than me? or

Why am I short and he is tall?

Why is he slim and I am fat?

We had a new ruler, our INSECURITIES. We began to doubt ourselves forgetting there was a time we could sing off-key and still kept on singing. We grew and grew, we grew to fear ourselves.

Things became harder, we only noticed what our neighbor did and every comment from every Mick, Dick and Ikechukwu mattered.

I wish I could go back to playing in the rainplay in the rain or standing on a stage and not think about what the 100+ people will think of me.

I wish I had my ignorance, my lack of self consciousness and my bravery, my lack of shame and my dauntlessness and my kind heart that wasn’t afraid to love.

To go back to my Saturday afternoon with my radio with the cool breeze mixed with party Jollof, listening to Cool FM Top 40’s

I trust your heartbeat was and is in sync with the imaginations of Dilli’s The Radio. Don’t be eager to leave, read the piece once more and explore a new imagination.

Don’t forget to show some love to the writer, through your powerful and very cherished and loving comments. Honestly, your comments are important, let us connect through the comments section.

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One thought on “Dilli’s The Radio

  • July 13, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    This is totally amazing. I love the way it connected to my childhood memories kudos to the writer. More ink to your pen


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