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Ga_bree_lla’s The Ruin of Me

the ruin of me

Ga_bree_lla’s “The Ruin of Me”, paints the picture of a crumbling entity, torn on two varying point of views considering how to handle the force that is the chief instigator of its crumbling predicament. One view to hold close, and one view to oppose.

Ga_bree_lla’s “The Ruin of Me”, is such an amazing piece that it gives the reader the opportunity to relate with it with on different point of views and concepts in mind. My last post was as a result of an inspiration from one of Ga_bree_lla’s also amazing works titled, caged. If you read that piece, then you should know that this piece is even more amazing.

This piece makes use of enjambments and finishes with a beautiful paradox. This leaves you with an unending urge to read once again and thus exposing your horizon to more imaginations. One of such imaginations I have for this piece is that of a bug and a light fixture. Due to its phototaxic nature, the bug is drawn toward the light fixture, closer and closer, till it finds a way inside the fixture, but slowly, the bug begins to die, it searches for a way out but finds none, it has been mesmerized to full capacity and now with its last drop fluid, it exhales, “ are the ruin of me.”

Explore your imaginations with the amazing piece below:

The Ruin of Me

You bring me to ice,
You bring me to fire,
Things about you I despise
but you are still my deepest desire,

Pain you make me feel,
Gifts you use to surpass it,
I still feel my skin peel
somehow you make it not to bleed,

Some days of play,
So many nights of wet pillows,
Some will hear and agree I have my way
so many will stare and watch me while I wallow.

I’m painted blue outside,
Blue so warm and meek,
But I’m red on the inside,
Red so harsh and thick,

Long story cut short,
You act so cold and mean,
Yes you are my love
and also the ruin of me.

Take a breath, one word at a time, don’t be eager to leave, read the poem once more and explore a new imagination. Don’t forget to show some love to the writer, through your powerful and very cherished and loving comments. Honestly, your comments are important, let us connect through the comments section.

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