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Endless Galore

The term, “Endless” paints the picture of something; a feeling, a thought, a day, a project and so on, that is never going to be over. NEVER.

It’s been a while since my last post, I was recently blessed with the opportunity to be inspired by someone I would really love you all to meet (a link to her Instagram Bio has been added below) and after watching one of her beautiful videos on YouTube, I got the courage to share this piece with the world.

Click here to Watch the video.

I occasionally feel that if I explain a piece that I’d be spoiling the fun. So, I’d let you attract as much meaning and essence as possible from this piece which I titled,


Lurking in the hidden,

Unaware of the soon to be sudden,

Yet it walks, pace after pace,

Unraveling through every trace,

He walks, he thinks, he talks,

She listens and listens some more,

Without fear and favor,

A soul lives in endless galore.

©Yours Truly


Picture this: a tree that never dies, a river that never stops flowing, a clock that never stops ticking, a world that never stops rotating. Souls in endless galore. Don’t be hasty to move on to the next post. Let this sink.

Here’s the link I told you about earlier. Click here

This is actually my second post this year, I’m sure you’d love to tell me a thing or two, come on, I know you love me and you’re probably wondering how I’ve been and same here for me. Let’s connect through the comment section. Tell me what you think about Endless Galore, have you had a similar experience? I’d love to know.

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Thank you.


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