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Showers and Underpants, You’d be surprised

Showers usually always have to involve water, soap is a matter of preference and underpants, well we all know about underpants.

After my previous post, which was about art and rise of a feeling and you should really see it. I decided to take a shower, (Inserts a grin).

Everybody likes showers, of water, of money, of love, a bridal shower and so on. And nearly the entire population of people on planet earth, like and use underpants. I mean, it is as common as the English Alphabets, and so you are probably wondering what this post is about.

Your favorite writer, Kay is one who pays attention to the little things; a fly, a speck of dust, a lonely cloud, a thumbs up ( that kind of little things) and in light of this, I hope to reveal the art of “Showers and Underpants”.

I was able to write a poem and it is titled,

“Run from Skies.”


Rapid drops of water meet my skin,

cold as ice, it melts upon my warmth,

panties on, an attempt to shield my skin,

slowly and surely, I am left with a wet cloth,

no longer as cold as ice,

pause, take a moment, think twice,

when the light is too bright,

we shield our eyes,

and when the sun is blazing hot,

we run from skies.

©Yours Truly


I won’t say how I came up with this but I’d like to add that this piece, helps me look at walls and barriers as, not just limitations but also as tools for protection. Time and time again, people tend to place walls around themselves and I’ve come to understand that it could be my toxic nature ( I feel everyone has one, you can either choose to admit it) trying to infect their lives and most people don’t like that and so, the walls go up.

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Thank you.

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