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Have you ever wondered if the sun has a bed to sleep in and pillows to rest its head on?
When the sun sets does it go into a house and shut the door on the moon and all other cosmic elements in other to regenerate its glow and and radiate in its intensity by dawn. Well, maybe not.
But I'd really love it if you could picture this in your imagination and actually see the sun as a working organism, like the human body. We all need to regenerate, we all need sleep and we all want to wake up strong and with vitality, ready to radiate our glow in all in its intensity. Here's a poem I titled SUNRISE, I would want you to memorize to help you picture the sun as a beautiful working (living) organism, as your beautiful self, let it relate to you, and place a smile on your face today.


Rekindle the flames,
I'd need some coal,
Come and make me whole,
Forget about the blames,
It's gone now,
You'd see it soon,
I took a bow,
You'd see me soon,
It's back now,
Like it always is,
Like the sound of an owl,
The sun always rises,
Can you hear it?
The broken silence in the air,
Can you hear it?
The cries of the birds of the air.
©Yours Truly, Kay.
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