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Nature’s Warmth

Hey there, it is your favorite writer Kay,

(extends arm for a handshake)

natures warmth

Today, I find myself trying to grasp Mother Nature’s beauty and chaos, fear and faith, war and peace and it was overwhelming. In her vastness and abundance, her ways are yet to be fully appreciated and cherished. She’s there in daylight and in nighttime, in sunrise, and in dusk. The Mother artist, her works tell of her beauty, the rhythm in waterfalls, the peaceful movements in the sky, the thunderclaps in storms, the dust of the ground, the silver screen of the ocean, the whitish ambiance of the icy mountains, the burning redness of the magma, it is overwhelmingly peaceful to embrace nature. To accept it’s beauty, in flowers, forests and cities. It is art.

I feel I was not totally able to capture all my thoughts in this piece, so I,d love to read your comments on this piece and I hope you in enjoy reading it.

I give you,

“Nature’s Warmth”


The mystery possesses no reasons,

Upon the ground our feet lay day by day,

Time is relative, so are seasons,


Life is creative, we are of clay,

The sea is a friend to clay at bay,

The ocean is a mirror for the blue sky,

I feel Nature’s warmth today,

I feel me in it I can’t say why,

The sun smiles at me,

I feel it’s flames on my eyes,

The clouds feel ecstatic or could it be?

The thunderclaps, we all need ice,

As raindrops hit the dry land,

As rivers and lakes flow,

As it separates the dry sand,

Nature’s warmth is all I know.


©Yours Truly, Kay.

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Thank you.

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